Optical Fiber Expertise at Nantze

Let us help with design and implementation of your optical fiber Local Area Network (LAN) or Wide Area Network (WAN). We install indoor tight buffer fiber, outdoor loose tube fiber, or a fiber cable rated for both. Certified by Corning, Emtelle, Commscope, and Panduit, we can select the most appropriate fiber for your installation. Depending on the type of installation, we use fusion splicers, splice trailers, OTDRs, Unicam termination kits, and Fluke DSX8000s.

Fiber placement

We install aerial fiber—ADSS, Lashed, Figure 8, or OPGW, and buried fiber—trenched, directionally bored, plowed, or direct bury in roll pipe or microduct.

Air Blown Fiber

For Air Blown Fiber, we utilize a wide range of products including Duraline and Emtelle products. The seven tube microduct is typically directionally bored in 1,000 foot sections with handholes every 3000 feet. The microcable, 12 strand single-mode, is then blown in at 200 to 400 feet a minute. A mile of fiber can be installed in a little over ten minutes. One advantage of blown fiber is a great number of splices are eliminated that are traditionally required for a conventional fiber installation. This saves money and reduces light loss. A single run of fiber can be up to 24,000 feet with no splices. Also, the microcable comes in pans rather than reels which cuts the crew size and associated labor in half. Contact us today for more information.

Current Licensing

State of Arizona
State of Arkansas
State of California
State of Colorado
State of Louisiana
State of Nevada
State of New Mexico
State of Oklahoma
State of Texas

Telecom Certifications for Both Copper and Fiber


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